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  • Several NOMAD partners came together at NUGENIA Annual Forum 2019

    The NUGENIA FORUM 2019 was held on 13-15 March 2019 at the Cité Universitaire of Paris, France. It was devoted to discussions on the technical and scientific milestones to be tackled to ensure competitive, efficient and safe production of low CO2 electricity from GEN II, GEN III and SMR water-cool...

  • Meet NOMAD partners at EPRI Conference ‘NDE in Nuclear 2019’ in June

    As part of the NOMAD consortium, Sascha Feistkorn (SVTI) and Esa Leskelä (VTT) will be attending the EPRI conference 'NDE in Nuclear 2019' on June 25-27 in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. The conference will build upon the success of the annual EPRI NDE Technology Week by providing an internationa...

  • NOMAD at ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference (PVP) 2019

    Inge Uytdenhouwen from SCK•CEN and Jino Mathew from Coventry University will present the latest achievements of the NOMAD project at the 52nd ASME Pressure Vessels & Piping Conference (PVP) in San Antonio, Texas from July 14-15, 2019.

    The ASME 2019 PVP Conference promises to be the outstanding in...

  • NUGENIA Technical Area 4 Meeting

    Structural assessments are an important part of NPP management programmes (e.g. ageing management, maintenance & design changes) and are required for effective periodic safety reviews. The aspects considered in TA4 'System and component integrity' include the definition of integrity assessment ove...

  • NOMAD at EPRI Workshop on NDE for Materials Characterisation

    A key research initiative at EPRI focuses on methods of Non Destructive Evaluation (NDE) that can be used for material characterisation. As an important part of this effort, EPRI is looking to build a network of universities and national laboratories to establish a Center of Excellence for NDE app...

  • NOMADs 1st Progress Meeting in Belgium

    From June 13th to June 15th, 2018 the NOMAD partners gathered in Kasterlee, Belgium for their first progress meeting. At Den Eyck, a wonderful ancient location, the 21 participants found the perfect environment to discuss the progress achieved and the future planning, and to welcome the new team mem...

  • Out now: The NOMAD animated clip is online

    We have released a short animated clip illustrating the project goals in an entertaining and understandable way. With this movie, we hope to raise awareness among a wide audience for the importance of ensuring safety and reliability of nuclear power plants (NPP) in general as well as for our project...

Recent Events

  • KONTEC 2021 25 Aug 2021 — 27 Aug 2021
    Dresden, Germany
    • Registered NOMAD partner: József Tóth (HEPENIX)
  • PVP® Virtual Conference 12 Jul 2021 — 16 Jul 2021
    Virtual Conference
    • Registered NOMAD partner: Inge Uytdenhouwen (SCK CEN)
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