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Several NOMAD partners came together at NUGENIA Annual Forum 2019

The NUGENIA FORUM 2019 was held on 13-15 March 2019 at the Cité Universitaire of Paris, France. It was devoted to discussions on the technical and scientific milestones to be tackled to ensure competitive, efficient and safe production of low CO2 electricity from GEN II, GEN III and SMR water-cooled nuclear power plants.

Technological innovation is fundamental to maintain a high level of safety and competitiveness and requires the establishment of a well-coordinated R&D&I programme at the European level, in close collaboration with international partners. The FORUM 2019 therefore aimed at discussing and analysing recent technological innovations in the field of manufacturing, digital technology and safety approaches that would lead to propose R&D and innovation priorities.

After the key note speeches given on the first day plenary sessions, Madalina Rabung (NOMAD coordinator) was invited to present NOMAD as part of the NUGENIA project portfolio during a poster session. Several NOMAD partners were also present and used the conference for fruitful discussions about future collaborations.