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The Swiss Association for Technical Inspections is a private, independent institution within Switzerland that monitors around 50,000 technical installations and equipment, more than 2,000 kilometers of natural gas and oil pipelines and 12,000 transportation tankers for both, rail and road, as well as a large number of packaging types and compressed gas containers. It receives contracts from the Swiss federal government and the cantons on a mandate basis. The four main departments are:

  • the Nuclear Inspectorate
  • the Pressure Vessel Inspectorate
  • the Federal Pipelines Inspectorate (FPI)
  • the Federal Inspectorate for Lifts (EIA)

SVTI/ASIT is a not-for-profit organization whose primary purposes are:

  • the prevention of accidents, breakdowns and damage,
  • the elimination of hazards in connection with the transportation and storage of dangerous goods,
  • the elimination of hazards in the manufacturing and operation of various types of technical equipment.

In specific, the Nuclear Inspectorate supervises the manufacturing, installation, operation and testing of pressure-bearing installations in Swiss nuclear power stations. It reviews the design approval documentation for components and systems, supervises their manufacturing, installation and documentation and supervises the periodic testing within the framework of the annual revision outages of the nuclear power stations. The contracting authority is the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). SVTI serves as the qualification body (QSt) for NDE in Switzerland. The QSt is accredited according to ISO17020. It organizes and manages practical demonstrations to qualify (validate) NDE inspection systems prior to their application on safety-relevant components of nuclear facilities. The NDE Laboratory is a division of the Nuclear Inspectorate and provides services regarding

  • analysis of samples or test blocks using NDE methods, such as ultrasonics, eddy current or the replica technique
  • NDE modeling and simulation
  • development of inspection techniques and software
  • NDE system performance evaluation including Probability of Detection (POD) studies
  • NDE Training


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