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The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre is a foundation of public utility under the supervision of the Belgian Secretary of State for Energy. With laboratories in Mol and a registered office in Brussels, it is one of the largest research centres in Belgium.

About 700 people work on the development of peaceful industrial and medical applications of ionising radiation and study the impact on man and the environment. Our statutory mission prioritizes research issues that are important to society both today and tomorrow: the safety and efficiency of nuclear installations, solutions for the disposal of radioactive waste, radiation protection, sustainable development, education and training. Three main research topics:

  • The safety of nuclear installations
  • The well-considered management of radioactive waste
  • Human and environmental protection again ionizing radiation

In order to perform its research programme, to provide services to industry, the medical sector, the government and third parties, and for training purposes, SCK•CEN operates several nuclear facilities.

  • The BR2 material testing reactor with a very high neutron flux, both thermal and fast;
  • The BR1 graphite-moderated, air-cooled research reactor;
  • The VENUS-F reactor, the first scale model of a subcritical reactor with a total lead core driven by a particle accelerator;
  • The HADES underground research laboratory, situated at a depth of 225 m in the Boom clay-layer;
  • The Laboratory for High and Medium Activity with various hot cells;
  • The Nuclear Analysis and Chemical laboratories;
  • The MYRRHA project, a design study of a new Accelerator Driven System;
  • The BR3 pressurized water reactor, presently a European demonstration programme for reactor dismantling.

The SCK•CEN Academy for Nuclear Science and Technology was established in 2012 with the aim of combining all education and training activities.

SCK•CEN aims to be a leading research institution and a centre of excellence at an international level. Driven by inspired scientists and engineers, in combination with a unique infrastructure, we aim to develop innovative technologies that provide solutions for the social issues and requirements in the field of nuclear energy and ionising radiation. Safety and durability are always the key priorities.


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