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NUGENIA Association was transformed to become SNETP Association. This year, NUGENIA Association evolved and extended its scope to formally become SNETP Association (AISBL): an international non-profit association under the Belgium law, ratified by the royal decree WL22/16.102 on September 2019 and seated in Brussels, 53 avenue des Arts (where previously NUGENIA was hosted as well).

The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) was launched in 2007 and is recognised by the European Commission as an ETIP within the SET Plan (European Technology and Innovation Platform). With the objective to represent the nuclear fission related technologies under a unique legal entity, the SNETP Association gathers today 3 pillars, NUGENIA (Nuclear Generation II & III technologies), ESNII (European Sustainable Nuclear Industry Initiative) and NC2I (Nuclear Cogeneration Initiative). Read more about it on the NUGENIA website.