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NOMAD presented at FISA-EURADWASTE ’19 Conference held by the European Commission

The European Commission is co-organising FISA '19 (Euratom conference on FIssion SAfety of reactor systems) and EURADWASTE ’19 (conference on radioactive waste management and geological disposal) with the Ministry of Research and Innovation of Romania and the Institute for Nuclear Research under the auspices of the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in Pitesti, Romania from June 3-7, 2019.

One of the main objectives of the two conferences is to present to the scientific community and interested stakeholders the progress and achievements of some 90 projects as part of the 7th and Horizon 2020 Euratom Research and Training Framework Programmes (FP) and the challenges that have arisen since the previous FISA-EURADWASTE Conference held in Lithuania in October 2013.

As part of four selected projects, NOMAD will be presented at FISA 2019 on June 04 in the first session ‘Safety of nuclear installations’ by the ADVISE Coordinator, Andreas SCHUMM (EDF).