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NUclear GENeration II & III Association (NUGENIA)

NUGENIA is an international non-profit association founded under Belgian legislation and dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies, with a focus on Generation II and III nuclear plants. It aims to be an integrated framework for R&D to ensure safe, reliable and competitive Gen II & III fission technologies, which:

  • Fosters collaboration between industry, SMEs, research organisations, academia and technical safety organisations
  • Builds knowledge and expertise
  • Generates R&D results with added value for the nuclear community

The scope of the Association’s activities covers 8 Technical Areas:

  1. Plant safety and risk assessment
  2. Severe accidents
  3. Improved Reactor Operation
  4. Integrity assessment of Systems, Structures and Components
  5. Fuel Development, Waste and Spent Fuel Management and Decommissioning
  6. Innovative LWR design & technology
  7. Harmonisation
  8. In-service Inspection and Non Destructive Examination

NUGENIA Labelling
NOMAD was awared the NUGENIA label for the project idea identified as Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) System for the Inspection of operation-induced Material Degradation in Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) by the NUGENIA Executive Committee in August 2016. Obtaining the NUGENIA label is recognition of the excellence of the project. One year later NOMAD has become part of the NUGENIA project portfolio which provides details on running and past projects that were fully or partially launched with the help of the NUGENIA Association and its members.

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