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CNEA, a national agency created on May 31 1950, is devoted to the study, research, development and application in all aspects related to pacific uses of nuclear energy. It gives technical support to the nuclear power plants in the country. CNEA is organized in Atomic Centres, located in different regions of Argentina, each having a specialized profile. The Constituyentes Atomic Centre (CAC), located north of the city of Buenos Aires, was created in 1955 as a Centre for R&D in Metallurgy and Reactors to support the budding nuclear industry.
The first experimental reactor in Argentina (RA-1) was built here in the 50ā€™sā€“ operates since January 1958 and is still used for irradiation experiments. R&D in metallurgy and materials science is oriented towards nuclear materials, such as zirconium base alloys and steels. Topics include radiation damage, corrosion, welding, phase transformations, materials characterization (electron and optical microscopy, microanalysis, XRD), mechanical properties... NDT training, practice and certification of personnel was developed in the 70ā€™s during the construction of the NPP. R&D in NDT focuses on ultrasonics, laser and optics and electromagnetic testing for material characterization.
Nuclear fuels for the experimental reactors and for the NPP have been developed at CAC. The former are currently manufactured here.

CAC has grown with time. Some departments moved from the headquarters to new premises at the site and new ones were created. Nearly 1500 people work at CAC, covering many activities, such as R&D, technical support, lecturing, administration and logistics.
Departments at present: Materials, NDT, Reactors, Communications and Informatics, Physics, Chemistry, Nuclear Fuels, Robotics, Radiobiology, Solar energy, Thematic library, University institutes. Radiobiology deals with the use of radiation for cancer therapies and other related topics. CNEA collaborates with the National Space Agency in the manufacturing of special items for satellites, in particular antennas and solar panels and is the site of the international Auger project.
The University institute offer courses on Materials engineering and Master in Materials Science and Technology. Students willing to work for their graduate, master or PhD dissertations are welcome at our laboratories.


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