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TECNATOM is a Spanish company that operates in the field of engineering and specializes in guaranteeing operation and high levels of safety in the industrial setting, most especially at nuclear power plants. Its main activities are centre on the inspection of components by nondestructive testing, the manufacturing of inspection equipment, the training of plant operating personnel and the rendering of services supporting plant operation. Main expertise areas of TECNATOM are plant operation support, inspection services, structural integrity, execution and assessment of RPV surveillance programmes and training of NPP operations and maintenance personnel. The company has currently more than 800 employees, approximately 80% of which are post-graduates. The Company was established in 1957 in order to support the construction, commissioning and operation of the Spanish nuclear power plants belonging to the electricity companies. At the beginning of the eighties, the company defined a strategy aimed at developing its own technologies which would be applied to its in service inspection activities in the power plants and aimed at providing training programs for the plant operators themselves. The Spanish nuclear sector includes nuclear power plants with Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) and Boiling Water Reactors (BWR) technologies from different suppliers. This diversity of nuclear technology means that TECNATOM has an in depth knowledge of their technical characteristics and it means that the technological capabilities it has developed are far reaching and varied and can be applied to the different types of nuclear power plant. A direct consequence of this has been that, ever since the beginning of the nineties, TECNATOM has been able to open up its activities to the international market. Our success in this market can be seen by the fact that TECNATOM is present in more than 30 different countries in America, Europe and Asia. This international presence includes the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine, which have nuclear power plants of both WWER (Russian Pressurized Water Reactor) and RBMK (Boiling Water-Graphite) technologies; TECNATOM has incorporated these technologies into its range of services, along with other European and American technologies which are used in these countries. Furthermore, TECNATOM operates in countries with emerging nuclear technology, like Argentina, Brazil, China, Korea or Arab Emirates, etc.


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