Dr Katherine Tant is an EPSRC UKRI Innovation fellow and Chancellor’s Fellow based in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Her expertise lies in modelling waves in complex media and developing ultrasonic tomography algorithms, primarily for non-destructive evaluation applications.


Effective Orientation Mapping of Locally Anisotropic Media from Ultrasonic Phased Array Data

Imaging defects in heterogeneous and locally anisotropic media presents a significant challenge for the ultrasonic non-destructive testing community. When basic imaging algorithms, which typically make constant wave speed assumptions, are applied to datasets arising from the inspection of such complex media, the resulting defect reconstructions are often distorted and difficult to interpret correctly. However, knowledge of the underlying spatially varying material properties allows correction of the expected wave travel times and thus results in more reliable defect reconstructions. In this presentation, I will discuss two different approaches to reconstructing material property maps from ultrasonic phased array data, one based on a probabilistic inversion technique and the other on a deep learning approach. The resulting tomographic maps are fed into standard imaging methods and we show that the resulting defect reconstructions exhibit a significant improvement across multiple flaw characterization metrics.

Katherine Tant
Katherine Tant
University of Strathclyde