After a master's degree in non-destructive inspection, Dr. Sy did her PhD at the CEA List in collaboration with M2M, now Eddyfi Technologies on TFM imaging. Dr. Sy works at Eddyfi since 2018 as R&D Engineer, in the Products & Applications group in the ultrasound imaging technology.


Comparison of FMC-TFM imaging and PWI imaging by using TRL transducers and linear transducers for coarse-grained materials

The Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) is a declination of Total Focusing Method-Full Matrix Capture (TFM-FMC) imaging. It is particularly suited for strongly attenuating and / or noisy structures. Indeed, while the FMC excitation is based on elementary and successive transmission, the PWI excitation is based on plane wave shots in different angles using all the elements of the sensor. One of the advantages of this TFM variation is to send more energy into the specimen undergoing inspection.

The objective of this presentation is to show the benefits of PWI in the case of coarse-grained materials. An experimental evaluation on a specimen presenting a repair was carried out with TRL transducers and linear transducers. The results obtained with both techniques will be illustrated and discussed.

Kombossé Sy
Kombossé Sy
Eddyfi Technologies