Dr Andreas Schumm is a research engineer and project manager with EDF R&D and has coordinated a number of national and international collaborations. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering with a specialty on ultrasound modelling, is a member of the inspection qualification commission at EDF, and a lecturer at the universities of Lyon and Manchester.


ADVISE global presentation

The Euratom project ADVISE (2017-2021) attemps to improve the ultrasonic inspection of corrosion resistant alloys used in nuclear power plants, in particular austenitic welds and cast austenitic steels. For these materials, a complex microstructure is responsible for both structural noise and attenuation, thus significantly degrading the performance of ultrasonic non-destructive testing.

The technical objectives of the project are to increase the comprehension and modelling of complex structures, to develop new tools for material characterization, and to improve inspection and defect evaluation methods. The project recognises the potential of computer modelling of ultrasonic NDE to assist both in inspection technique design and in the evaluation of results. This is particularly well illustrated in the proposed improvements of the imaging of full matrix capture acquisitions, introducing adaptive imaging methods, backscatter filtering and inversion strategies applicable on heterogeneous structures. ADVISE proposes to use in-situ characterisation techniques to gain additional and current information about the actual structure under test. Results are capitalized in the CIVA platform and the M2M acquisition system. This presentation will give a general overview, with more detailed presentations of key results following in the technical sessions.

Andreas Schumm
Andreas Schumm