I am researcher and expert at CEA in the field of ultrasonic imaging for NDT. My current work focuses on: linear or matrix arrays; imaging of complex geometries and materials; fast 3D imaging; multi-mode TFM or PWI; advanced characterization methods; real-time processing with NDT systems.


Phased-array Imaging of Complex Materials

The quality of ultrasound imaging of welds can be strongly penalized by the dendritic structure of the material which forms during its cooling. The image of a defect is all the more degraded as a reliable description of such a medium is most of the time not possible, due to the poor knowledge on the weld at the time of inspection. In a previous paper, we demonstrated the efficiency of an optimization procedure to correct a degraded Total Focusing Method (TFM) image of a point-like reflector inside a homogeneous weld, with uniaxial grain orientation. In the present communication, the procedure is extended to defects in more realistic welds with a varying grain orientation.

Sébastien Robert
Sébastien Robert
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