Dr Ing Madalina Rabung holds a PhD in materials science and engineering at the Saarland University on nondestructive characterization of ageing phenomena in metallic materials. She has been working at Fraunhofer IZFP for 21 years in the department of Materials characterization as a scientist with the focus on electromagnetic materials characterization.


NOMAD global presentation

The overall goal of NOMAD is the development and demonstration of a multi-method based approach that can quantify neutron irradiation-induced embrittlement by measuring through cladding under simulated field conditions. NOMAD thereby focuses on the non-destructive evaluation (NDE) of RPV steels in ageing reactors to better assess their integrity.

NOMAD will provide an optional procedure to quantify the neutron-induced degradation additionally to the existing standardized methods and will contribute to the extension of the existing knowledge concerning degradation phenomena and progression of the material properties. To this, non-broken Charpy samples of many RPV materials from surveillance programs as well as larger blocks, partially with cladding made from representative steels of Eastern and Western RPV design are made available in various irradiated conditions representing different degradation levels. A variety of NDE methods was applied to provide information complementary to those generated by destructive tests which can be performed on surveillance samples only. Being volumetric in nature and with different analysing depths, these methods can give information about the bulk material properties. The results are compared and combined across methods, samples and degradation parameters in order to define a hybrid approach and finally demonstrate it in a modular way. Several state-of-the-art regression algorithms have been tested on all collected NDE data. These algorithms include neural network regression, support vector regression, Gaussian process regression and decision tree-style regression algorithms. The first results indicate that it is possible to estimate neutron-induced embrittlement though the cladding using a combination of different non-destructive measurement methods.

Details on project results will be presented in different presentations during the Symposium.

Madalina Rabung
Madalina Rabung
Fraunhofer Institute for Nondestructive Testing IZFP